Welcome to [Ger]Bear in Mind!

Welcome to [Ger]Bear in Mind, a site that’s been laying dormant for months because 1) I couldn’t figure out a cool enough title and 2) I was way too busy worrying about moving to another country. More on those later. For now, here’s a bit about me and what I’ll be posting on this blog:

I am Gerry Avelino, 26, an aspiring linguist, a well-seasoned traveler, and an all-around eclectic weirdo. If I know you from the internet, you probably know me as Mr. Gerbear; if you don’t, my social media links should be on one of the sidebars. If I know you in real life, you probably know me as Gerard, unless you were in one of my French classes, in which case you may know me as GĂ©rard.

I’m a supersenior at California State University, Fullerton, where I expect to graduate at the end of Spring 2019 with a Bachelor’s of Art in Linguistics and French Studies. One would think that, after having gone through way too many years in my undergrad, that I’d actually have graduated at this point. But, nope. I delayed for a year. There’s a good reason for it though: I’m taking my last year of studies in France! Again, more on that later.

As you can probably tell from the categories on this site’s navigational bar, this blog will have everything.

This blog is totally France’s Hottest New Club.

I love travel. I’ve visited a good chunk of Western and Central Europe, I’ve road tripped through a considerable portion of the USA, and I’m sure there’ll be more destinations for me soon. I’ll be sharing photos and stories of my trips, past and future, as well as tips and tricks I’ve gathered throughout my travels.

I can also talk ad nauseam about linguistics. Look forward to essays on popular topics in linguistics, my opinions on governmental language policies, and my attempts at learning more languages.

Another of my passions is the Eurovision Song Contest. I love me some international competition: where else can you get your fix of both multicultural camaraderie and geopolitical tension? Throw in some pop music and visual performances and, boom, I’m 100% sold. I currently write for the Eurovision fan news site Eurovoix, but you’ll find my more opinionated pieces right here.

And by “pieces” I mean “love letters to Epic Sax Guy Sergey Stepanov”.

I tend to also engage in what the kids these days call gaming. I enjoy a nice Settling of Catan, or perhaps some Euro Truck Simulating. I’ve also got a few Dungeons and Dragons adventures under my Belt of Magnificence +6.

Like everyone, I also watch TV and Film and, sometimes, I have Opinions about them. I tend to watch things of the more sci-fi and fantasy variety.

I also like food. I mean, it’s kinda a requirement to keep myself alive, that I eat food. Often, I eat some really good food, which might prompt me to write about it. I could even share recipes, maybe.

Now, I realize the culture category sounds a bit vague. But that’s because it is. It’ll probably be a catch-all for stuff I’ll write about various anthropological observations. We’ll see.

Thanks for visiting! I’ll probably have more interesting things for you to read and look at eventually.

~ Gerbear

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